Monday, March 21, 2016

My Apologies and Lets Get Back to Work.

So what can we say, it's been awhile hasn't it guys?

First of all I'd like to apologize for my extended absence through out last year (2015). Those closest to Lina and I of course knew that back in November 2014 Lina and I had split up. If you didn't, well know ya know (and knowing is half the battle!). At the time of the last YAL design I just needed to keep myself busy and overhauled it into the large three story building with the small courtyard and made changes that honestly I never was sold on. It wasn't in my heart but a mere distraction from emotions and dealing with the situation. Subsequently the following year of 2015 I was not around nearly as much as I should of have been. I suppose I ended up taking a sabbatical, or rather a journey to find myself once more. 

But here I am, come full circle and finding my true home to be here with you guys. 

The time away though has not been all in vein though. The part of a journey and discovering oneself of course is bound to give one some more insights and ideas. And thus, I'm anxious to get started on giving YAL a breath of fresh air and revitalization ... But first we needed to give it a little throw back to the former builds. *smiles*

If you have already been to the lounge (which I'm sure most everyone has) you'll noticed the familiar street lay out, the dungeon once again being separate from the main building (no street level entrance though *frown*), the roof top has been brought back and bigger than before, and the lounge ... well it's more welcoming, easy to find, and hopefully a good kick back to our former atmosphere.

Along with the build of course I'm working with some new people, and ideas that hopefully coming soon we can start to implement. 

Until then, I wish all you furry butts the best of days and enjoyment.
See ya at YAL

Tori <3

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hey guys,

Been doing quiet a bit of work around the lounge as most of ya can see. But I just wanted to give a little update and the changes aren't fully done just quiet yet.

First off I had wanted to redo the Dungeon lobby area to make it a little more conducive for hanging out and meeting cute little subs and what not. The former design to me while nice just felt a little too closed in and clustered and not really designed well enough to draw and keep peoples attention. They would come in and just go to dungeon for the fun :P

So anyway, it's now opened up with a lot more space and since the bath in the dungeon has been so popular I've added in another in the lobby too! Yay!

Aside from that, I began to work on the Femdom areas too. I've put in some new Femdom toys and resigned the layout and stylizing of this room now as well as expanded it into the side room that connects with it and the main dungeon. The room off to the side wasn't really used often and well that bed I had in there kept breaking so I figured I'd make some more use of it. Though I still have some toys from there, and elsewhere, that I want to have left out in the dungeon so I'm still inspecting and looking for ways to keep the toys in ... maybe take out some that are not used often. So there may be a little more changes here and there but nothing as major as those two changes given to the dungeon.

Second change is a little less visible unless you like to frequent all of the private rooms. The office has always been one of our smaller rooms and seemingly lest used. So it's been redone and made into a little more friendly for some office/work place role playing. Now it's more spacious and offers a little more toys to use as well. Be sure to take you and your sexy co worker upstairs to enjoy a little romp.

All for now, be safe and have fun sexy furs.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey guys, so glad to see so many of you all enjoying the new changes about the lounge. I've been on the never ending hunt to lessen up on prims but as always I just end up using the ones I've saved to keep adding more to the lounge itself .... So the cycle continues. I've got my eye on the Dungeon right now, I like it alright but feel like it could use some attention. And speaking of attention, I'd like to know from our D/s furs out there, what can make it more popular? 

Anyway, no expected changes coming any time soon as I'm just brainstorming.