Yiff Alley Lounge Rules and Roles Revised as of (9-13-2013)




While we are a furry hangout and club we do welcome everyone here. We will not take intolerance toward furries nor toward humans, nekos, ferrals, or other fantasy based avatars. We want everyone here to be comfortable without any fear of being discriminated against.


No griefing is an obvious rule, as well as no spamming. If anyone is caught doing either please report them and they will be banned on sight. But aside from the obvious rules of harassment we need to touch base on the smaller things classified as harassment. The most simplistic definition of Harass comes from the Webster Dictionary: to annoy or bother (someone) in a constant or repeated way.

The key word here being repeated. We will not ban someone because they are a x lover, because of a one time heated argument, or personal issues between the parties.

What we will issue warnings and bans on though are:

  • Spying on private rooms.
  • Messing with another couples poses or the purposeful intent to distract them from their encounter.
  • Use of scripts to push or hinder avatar movements (unless it is RLV play in a proper D/s setting).
  • Repeated "bumping" of others avatars if done to the point of annoyance.
  • Excessive shouting, slandering, spamming of general or group chats.
  • Interference in others games. (chess, greedy, duck hunt, ect...)

In conclusion I would personally like to close this segment off by saying that we're all adults. Lets please act like it. If you truly enjoy the environment that we have created here, then let others enjoy it too. There is no need to ruin it over stupid and petty issues by becoming a troll and interfering with other peoples leisure time. It may be funny to you that someone got mad cause you pushed them for 40 minutes straight, but if that pushed person never comes back you have only hurt the Lounge and done a disfavor to yourself. If that was your original intent anyway, then we have no issues banning you.


While we appreciate that weapons can help pull together an awesome look we do not want weapons drawn and usable. If you see someone with one out please either IM them and refer them to the rules or message an Officer, Lina Pussycat, or Victoria Loveless. 

Underage Patrons

Being that this is a virtual world, this is a hard one to enforce but as an Adult establishment we have done everything within Secondlife to keep children from our content. If anyone is found out to be underage we will remove them for the safety of our patrons and integrity of the lounge. Yiff Alley Lounge is also intended for adult avatars. We understand micros/petites and short avatars, but do not support adult on child sexual encounters.

Keep It Consensual

We are open to all makes and lifestyles but please respect others own limits to play and safewords. Be respectful of others already engaging in play, do not assume you can join in without consent, don't change others poses, etc ...



(see any officer or owner for being placed in group roles)

Yiff Alley Misfit - Default role for joining the group. It is for anyone that wants to get notices about events and chat with others in the group.

Yiff Alley Landlady - Owner, aka the Operator of everything YAL.

Yiff Alley Officer - This role is for a select few people who have been an asset to the community at Yiff Alley and have been chosen to help promote the well being of the lounge as well as be enforcers to the rules to insure everyone enjoys the environment.

Yiff Alley Predator - These are our prowlers, hunters, and scheming batch of the group, searching for sweet helpless little things to be held at their mercy. Aka, the dominate role for D/s purposes. Any Dom/me may be assigned this role to distinguish them self as such.    

Yiff Alley Prey - The prey are exactly what the predator is after, a cute little thing that can be bound and gagged whimpering at their feet. This role is designated for submissive boys and girls to distinguish themselves as such. Please note, this role is not a "house/public" slave, they do have rights so with all BDSM activities keep it safe, sane, and consensual.

Yiff Alley Slut - Sluts are more like the house/public slaves of Yiff Alley Lounge. Virtually unrestricted and available for play. Being a house slave, we don't require they stay around 24/7 but do require that they be courteous to visitors, greeting them, helping them find their way, and insuring they have a rather pleasant stay at the lounge. 



Donations - Yiff Alley Lounge is a non profit establishment so all donations are welcomed and will be put right back into the lounge, in either rent, new toys, expansions. YAL Donation Jars can be found at the entrance to the main lounge and TP platforms in the public areas. (Look for the Kitsune)

Suggestions - We are always open to hear out any suggestions by our visitors! Please let us know how you feel, IM Lina Pussycat or Victoria Loveless. We also have mailboxes in each main area of the lounge to contact leave us, or also comment on our blog.

( Le Fin)

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