Monday, February 25, 2013

New Design

Hello world!

 So if you haven't noticed by now, YAL has gone through another transformation. Though, unlike the other face lifts and additions Lina and I have decided to turn back to the Lounge's origins and make it a little more appealing to the general crowd. It's still urban, and some areas are rough but others are a little more upscale rather than post apocalyptic doom and gloom with zombies, aliens, and what ever after you. No matter how cool those are it's just not appealing to all and honestly I had been worried about the future of the lounge with ever shrinking amount of traffic.

 So with a growing concern and hopes to regain some traffic flow I've designed the lounge to have elements of our first design and some of the newer elements that worked well.

The set up is same as the original, lounge/club below with a street section to play around in. Head on up to the upper floor and you'll find some stripper poles and tps to five new private rooms! The rooms, well you'll just have to explore them and as for the stripper poles the tip jars are set to group only (The standard Misfits one will work).

As always our rooms are 100% free. The stripper poles earn 90% of tip with the lounge getting 10%

Also throughout the build you can find teleports to not one, but two public rooms. Just like the days of old, we do request that avatars be nude for a better sexy time in the public rooms. One is a dungeon where you can find BDSM equipment and the other is just a great place to get naked and cuddle up with everybody!

Future plans?

Well as of now the building is done, aside from minor things like art additions. However, Lina and I have been tossing back and forth these two possible ideas.

1. Getting a music stream again for live DJs
2. Club strippers/escorts

Thoughts? We love to hear from you all so please speak up.

Tori Munster

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Artistic Use of the Lounge :)

Special thanks to Xavier for including our humble home as a backdrop to another one of his movies. Feel free to take a peek and check out his other work over at naughty machinima ( )

Thanks again Xavier for including the lounge in one of your works. Anyone else that wishes to use the lounge for any projects please feel free to do so. I love the arts in any medium and would be glad to work with you all.