Thursday, March 14, 2013

Furry Weekend

Well it's just about time for Furry Weekend Atlanta and I know some us are con attenders and fursuiters that live around that area. So if you are going I hope you all have a safe, fun, furry weekend and wish I could make it too.

Which speaking of ... I have bought my own fursuit head and will be looking for paws to go with it so hopefully in the near future I can be right up in there with you all as well :D So awesome  can't wait for it to arrive and get to try it out!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Title updates

What happened to my toy title? Well, I revamped the titles for our Doms and subs a bit, just to make them seem a little more in line with the general title themes. So Dom/mes are now Prowlers and the Toys are the Tramps. 

I just felt that Domoniator was just a wee bit silly and most people seemed to not know exactly what the toy meant.

So now it's the Misfits, Prowlers, and Tramps! IM me, Lina, or any Officer if you'd like to be given one of the titles.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Public Room Revamps

Hey all, just been doing some slight interior design on the public rooms to make them both feel a little more homey and cozy.

The Dungeon's entrance has been expanded and offers more of a lounge type feel to it with the toys tucked away in their own room/cave. I've added more to it than previously with the addition of more seating, a fire place, and bar. 

The Yiff room has had had some additions, and swaps outs just to give it an over all more welcoming feel and more warm places for warm fuzzy contact. I noticed aside from the orgy bed that nothing there really had any 3 some options so I've been on the look out for more of that. So here I've swapped out the orgy bed for a better looking one, removed the shower since it didn't really do anything, added lots more around the fire place, and the pool side now has a better hammock and loungers.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Whips, Chains, and Werewolves?

There has been a request  that we add in some areas for our larger friends such as the first act werewolves, lycans, minotaurs, etc... and of course where happy to oblige.

In the past we have provided things for them and would still like any of our beast friends to be welcomed at the lounge. The only issue was where to put them since the only things that seem to cater to them are Gorean like and looks more typical to a castle, forest, or cave environment. A private room would exclude them too much from meeting other furs and an additional public room brings up concerns of already splitting the lounge up into too many groups.

So the only other place to put in a cave that could accommodate this was the dungeon. As of now when you tp into the dungeon there is a better sitting arrangement right at the entrance, and doorways to two different rooms. One room is the more warehouse looking dungeon, and the other leads into a cave that has a mixture of regular sized equipment but also larger sized equipment for the beast avatars.

We have thought about combining the two more and doing away with the dungeon to have a park/forest with the cave inside it. Or if you guys like the way it is now with maybe a lounge when you tp in and then two different dungeon type areas. Please let us know, Yiff Alley is for you guys not me and Lina.

Friday, March 1, 2013

One Year!

That is right my furry friends. This time last year Yiff Alley Lounge was just a budding little seed of hope between Lina and Me. Now, despite the ups, downs, and flying prims, I'm proud to announce that we've reached a milestone in reaching our One Year Anniversary!!

Of course this couldn't of been possible without the support and love of you all. I'm in the process of planning a thank you to all, but for now lets keep March Festive and celebrate the success of one year!