Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Wishes

Just wanted to give out a shout out to all my furry friends out there wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to your loved ones. Here's to good eats and quality family time! And while this is primarily an American holiday I'd still want to give out my warmest thanks to our world wide furry friends out there!

No matter the nationality everyone should pause for a moment and really be thankful for friends, family, and anything else that they might have dear to them. Life is fragile and everything may change in a matter of seconds, so lets not take anyone/thing for granted and celabrate life, love, and family.

Warmest wishes and <3's

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here but Busy!

Hello sexalitious furs out there. It's been awhile since I've been down in the lounge with you all, but I'm still here just been a busy little bee. First there has been a small change on the street level with the introduction of the bank. Not too much in here yet, but it's a nice little place to disappear for awhile with someone.

Also to help with costs of running the lounge and to give myself even more responsibility! I've decided to open up a Marketplace Store where anything I've built for the club might be sold to earn a little extra to give back. So to keep yall of your pretty little fur heads safe I've been up in the clouds above the lounge working. So feel free to stop in and check things out! Right now there is not much there, just our borderlands items and the new bank added in tonight, but support helps :)

Yiff Alley Marketplace

Thank you all and <3's

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Someone a Made Movie Here!

I would like to give a big THANKS out too LoneTiger and the participants in this video for filming and uploading this fun video! Awesome video Lone and you're more than welcome to come back for some more films.

So I'll present the video here for all us Misfits to see. Adel, around 3:30 mark look up in the balcony :P
This is not my work, but from Lone Tiger

Be sure to check out his other videos as well!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Goodies

Well, with the larger plot of land comes yet more features for the lounge. The street level has been expanded with three additional buildings you can explore!

First off, I know Yiff Alley has been different from most every other fur club but it was time to add in the obligatory Asian themed area. So right across from the lobby you'll see what I like to call Mr. Miyagis Pleasure Parlor! A small but cozy massage and spa ... and it surprisingly still fits with the lounge.

Second is a police station with an assortment of nice items to get your paws dirty. Bring someone in for questioning  frisk them, interrogate them, book um, and lock um up. Nothing cuddly or cozy here furs.

Third is the big ummm.. big building. It's home to old time favorite orgy bed, as well as a good mix of bondage equipment, and a rather plush slave cage for us subby furs to hang around in and wait for a Master rawr.

The old shack is still around as well ... current the first act avatar bed is in there. It's sort of being used as Lina and my personal home so what ever avatar she is determines the bed hehe. Though I might of found something more suited for just the two of us.

Well that's about it, nothing else to report on ... no new private room yet. Still thinking on that one.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Move is Complete

First let me just apologize for taking an environment all everyone is familiar and cozy with and completely uprooting it again. However with the current state of the Helgrind sim, Lina and I both thought it was a wise choice to relocate the lounge to another sim. The lag was getting unbearable and causing many of us grief and crashes. So when I stumbled upon this new plot of land it was just ideal. We know occupy 1/4th a sim, shared with only 3 other people and is pretty much as lag free as you'll get in SL *knocks on wood*

Anywho, I tried to make this transition quick and with little impact to all of you guys and am proud to announce that the lounge has now 100% plus been moved from Helgrind to Naughty by Nature! Please be sure to update your LMs, and if searching for us the Helgrind one is still showing so watch which one you click on.

Additional Plans:

Well, owning 1/4th a sim has left me with plenty of prims so the construction isn't over quiet yet! I'm tossing around ideas ... a 4th private room, public dungeon/cellar, could expand on the street level some more, and so on. I would love to hear your ideas but so far the dungeon/cellar is winning out in the heated debate with Lina and I.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello my lovely furs! I'm going to make this one quick so that I can get to work right away. But in light of all the recent lag and crashes we've been getting at our current sim, I've found another place to call home. I'll be moving the lounge to a more quiet sim as well as upgrading the size of land.

As of now continue to use the lounge in helgrind while I get things built up over here. Keep you all updated as things progress.

Friday, November 9, 2012


As mentioned in the post below I've been working on some freebie tops for the lounge and I believe they are now ready for release. All tops come in five colors (Red, Blue, Black, Green, Pink), five sizes, and the ladies have the option of wearing a tank under or no tank. These can be found in the freebie room and library located on the bottom floor just left of the main lobby entrance, follow the signs.

So here they are. (It's been a long long time since I really touched clothing designs in SL so please forgive me.)


Oh! Also, I'm still looking for other freebie items to add to the collection. If you know of any good stuff or have anything that is copy and transfer that you'd like to donate to the pile just hit me up. (Victoria Loveless)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Library and Freebies

Hello my sexy fur friends.

With the recent new changes making a role for Dominants along side submissives we have also added in a little BDSM library on the bottom floor for anyone new to BDSM or just wanting to learn a little more. There are bookcases which will hand out notecard information on a variety of BDSM related subjects and more will come in the future as well.

In addition to this room, we have also provided some materials to help out newbie furs. One compliment that we have received that I really place a high value on is how we've made people feel welcome, this includes brand new furs. So in this room too is a furry starter kit, canine penis, and some bondage cuffs all free of charge. So if anyone new to SL and the furry community comes in, please lets all make them feel welcomed and lend them a hand in the learning curve of SL. We where all in their shoes before and now help is as simple as directing them to our freebies for a start.

Now also about freebies everyone can enjoy ... I'm in the works of making some free mesh clothing. I don't want it to be the typical "club" freebie shirt, these are going to be of decent quality and of course free to anyone wants them. For men I have a hoodie and the ladies a nice tank and half tee over it ... Designs are not yet on paper, so if you have any particular design idea please share, but I will do my damnedest to give out a good quality product.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Group Structure and Changes

Hello all my wonderful fuzzy friends!

I just want to give a quick shout out here about some new changes going on within the group structure and rules. As some of you know I have been looking at ways to help encourage and promote a little more bdsm influence into the lounge, so we have gone ahead and created another role just for our devious dominates to distinguish themselves. Now along side the Yiff Alley Toys we have Yiff Alley Dominators. IM any officer, Lina Pussycat or Victoria Loveless to get yours today.

As for the rule changes, pretty much they're the same I've just put in a few more that cater more to the bdsm crowd and keeping play consensual. They can be found on the rules page within this blog or in the lobby spam stuff lol.

After work tonight there might be a few more little small changes, nothing major. Just things to help out any newcomers and what not :)


And let us know what you think!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Private Rooms Active

Well my sexy fur butts out there, I was able to live up to my expected date of having the rooms operational! The TPs for the rooms can be found in the lower hallway off to the left of the theater or lobby (Just look for the sign that reads rooms). So for a sneak peak here they are ...

1st the Maintenance Room
This is just a small little room, two forcing toys available for use. Kinda of like the Boiler Room of the old old build.

2nd the Dressing Room
This one is my personal favorite, two vanities with just a brushing hair animation but one of my most fav chairs to date is dedicated to this room, as well as a pretty extensive menu driven bed, and be sure to click the wardrobe out.

3rd the Props Room
Every stage has to have props! This one is sort of like the Porn Room from the original YAL, just minus the cameras and a few more prop like toys.

I'm toying around still with an idea for making an orgy room if I can still shave off some un needed prims here and there, what do you guys think? Let me know.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Private Rooms Update

Just a little update, the outside of the lounge is looking a little different now so that I could free up some prim space for the upcoming private rooms. I'm still pushing the comfort level of prim space, so there will probably be some more construction down in the main build tonight when I get home to free up any that I can without sacrificing the quality of the build as well.

So, the good news. Two of the planned three private rooms are just about ready! I've got them constructed and decorated, all that will need to be done is putting them in their final placement and setting up all the technical boring stuff. So, I don't have any pictures yet, but what you can look forward too is three rooms all pertaining to the theme of the lounge including the new theater look. We will be having a maintenance room, props room, and my favorite the dressing room for you to take that special someone for some alone time.

Along with the remodeling project you might notice some new strip poles!! I'm suuuuper excited about these things! *bounces around* Ok, so if you haven't checked them out yet, they don't a tip mode that I've seen yet but they are PACKED full of animations, even male ones! Soooo sexy right? I want to see some hunky furs up there!! 

Also the ground floor room I've made into a more cuddle/strip pole room as well ... not sure on this one, so I'm wanting to hear some feed back about that change.

Other than that ... I'd like to just estimate that I'll have the new private rooms open by Saturday *crosses fingers* If not then Sunday for sure.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Private Rooms .... are in the Future

Ok sexy furs. I'm not quiet sure how I'm going to do this just yet, but I am brainstorming on ways to bring private rooms back to the lounge. As of right now my prim allowance is very very tight, so I'll have to rework some things to insure I have a nice cushion to get two or maybe three private rooms back into the lounge.

So tonight I plan on doing some prim clean up and building to see what can be done, so make sure to wear your hard hats when visiting :P


The Mysteries of SL Explained by Eve

Ok, now that is solved ... Onto the real announcement. 

I'm going to be looking for a few officers to help out around the place. The lounge isn't a for profit establishment so the role is will and pleasure, but fairly simple. Officers are loyal and good standing members that we'll entrust to help out with ensuring there is order and general well being to the lounge.

I'll be looking for around three to four more to help have coverage, maybe more if the interest is high enough.  So if this is something you'd like to do and further help support the lounge please give me (Victoria Loveless) a tell, or any other officer that could pass the word.