Thursday, December 27, 2012

When will I ever stop!

I know some of you are well aware of my constant tweaking and changing things up around the lounge. I hope it doesn't put anyone off as people do generally don't bode well with change all that well, but  I'm constantly working to the betterment of the alley's look, atmosphere, level of quality, and new things to offer to you. So when a sparkly new awesome toy catches my eye my first thought is "Oooooh where can I fit that in!". From the Yiff Alley Lounges very origins Lina and I wanted to bring quality in everything from atmosphere, toys, and management. To us this isn't just a club to throw up and forget about, it's our home and are happy to hear others say that is too.

With all that being said..

Over the holidays I was a little busy bee! The way the Alley was looking just began to not set right with me, the hospital was right on the street and didn't look right, we had buildings and businesses meant to hold people but no parking, some buildings where un-used some areas looked completely different from the rest of the build and so on. 

Call me O.C.D. but those little things where gnawing away at me and so the construction commenced! The most notable change would probably be the atmosphere. When Lina and I where discussing the Alley we wanted something dirty, grungy, and bleak. So I've been making some swaps here and there to give the whole place a more post apocalyptic, dystopian, dark feel which has lead to some changes in some popular and familiar areas.

So.. for the most drastic changes first. The BDSM Church has gone through the most changes. My theory behind these changes is that in the hypothetical events that lead up the apocalypse the church was taken over by a more darker cult which began reverting back to the old superstitious and torturous ways of the church, accusing the wicked and unjust of bringing on this event with their sins and taking the punishment of them into their own hands later as civil law diminished.

Changes made here include just making it look more like it used to be a church at some point in time. We've added in some menu driven pews and podium, some chairs that fit the look better, gallows, an iron maiden, and swapped a few bondage toys out for new ones. 

The next big change would be the removal of the Asian themed spa/massage palor. I just never noticed anyone really using it and in all it just really didn't fit in with the rest of the build at all. Some of the toys in it were not Lina and my favorites either. So in place of that building is the bar I used back in the subway version of YAL, only this time it looks much more like a bar. Nothing really too new here, but it makes for a nice cozy place to relax with friends.

The Parking Garage .. Well, it has always bugged me as we began growing that there was no parking available! From the first time I set the theater up, I wanted parking. It's only logical that with a theater you'll have parking near by, then when the hospital came along it was just getting more silly by the moment. So it was only a matter of time and finding the best available option. So I'm proud to announce that the parking garage is fully installed and equipped! Inside you'll find another sex menu car, seating areas, and lots of little knocks and dark corners to drag someone off too.

The Hospital has gone through some minor changes. Mostly I just re-positioned it and built in an entrance way to make it look like a more realistic hospital. Outside be sure to check out the tree and door light. On the inside all is the same except the room which did have stairs now has a dummy elevator just to avoid some confusion.

The Theater is still the theater :P Just been playing around with minor decor changes and additions of new seating options and seasonal decor.

Well I've rambled on long enough and probably haven't even said a thing. I just hope that you guys appreciate the changes and while changes can be bad I'm hoping that we're continually improving and offering the best to you all. Let us know what you think as well, we're here because of you all and are always open to hear suggestions, comments, and so on.


Monday, December 24, 2012


Wishing everyone a happy holidays this year, may you be safe and merry with your friends, family, and loved ones this season!!

I love this time of year, not because of anything spiritual, not the massive commercialization, nor traffic and head aches when just trying to buy some toilet paper from the store! But something about the holidays is just great. We go crazy decorating, spend some time with the family (usually) not bickering, get snug up by the fire or even space heater which just brings back all the fond childhood memories ... and not to mention the other creature comforts to combat the cold, hot chocolate!! Mmhmmm hot chocolate, next to a fire surrounded by beautiful decorations. It's more a celebration of human life and family to me. Decorations are the first sign of human evolution maturing enough to grow our own crops thus more time was spent developing the arts. And of course around the center of every successful tribe, village  city was the family and friends working together to keep it going. So many times now of days we forget that and these times at least bring us closer together with our personal ones ... Maybe for once, on a few days the world is happy together :)

So anyway, enough of my rambling, I do have some real news to share as well!

I've started making some changes around the lounge. I've added a more 'fancy' entrance around the hospital. This change was just moving things around and purely more cosmetic than anything, all the toys are still there.

So after doing that I had some more room and one thing that has always bugged me about the lounge is there is absolutely no parking!!! You can't have a theater, hospital, & shops n stuff without having parking around. So nestled in between the hospital and hardware store is a brand spanking new parking garage!!

I'm still in the process of fleshing the parking garage out, but I have added a new toy to the lounge with the addition of another sex menu driven car. Be sure to check in after christmas as I begin to finish it out some more.

The Asian like massage parlor has gone out of business sadly. In it's place I've brought back the bar from the Subway version of the Lounge. This time it actually looks like a bar.

Right next to the bar is just a lil food stand, not sure if it will make the cut or not.

Sooo that's all I got for you furs today. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newest Edition

Well, I'm about ready to wrap up this newest project and call it open for business! It's about ohhhh 95% percent to meeting my standards of approvement and ready for the general public to come in and use and abuse, but after a rather long weekend and only 2 hours of sleep I'm proud to introduce a hospital to the lounge! Funny, we're kinda becoming a full on city now rather than alley or lounge but I just can not help myself.

So swing on by, I've got the place packed with little hidden naughty features so be sure to mouse around! I've brought in eight brand new toys to play with, a few duplicates, and a new sofa too.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have making this aspect of the lounge come to life.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sim Down!

Please bear with us, the sim unexpectedly crashed and is down. We are doing what we can with the land holders and LL.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back at Work Again

So if you haven't seen by winter has now officially set in at the lounge. The snow if falling and streets are iced over, making it that much more cozy to grab the fur you love snuggle, yiff, humiliate, whatever and have some fun. And to help accommodate those needs there has been a few toy swaps and additions brought in.

First off is the light poles have now been swapped out with some more fun ones, just be careful about getting any wet body parts stuck to them this winter!

Second! The bondage bed located in bondage church has been swapped out with a newer and much better one. There are two areas to sit on this bed, the mattress will give you all standard bed options, but sitting on the baseboard unlocks all sorts of fun bondage options.

Third! We've swapped out a few couches and chairs for another one which provides more fur on fur action.

Fourth! We've added in a few pipes that are just a little more than decor. One in the church, one outside the police station.

Fifth! Some slave sitting pillows are being dropped around randomly for our toy friends.

And the weekend is still young! More to come I'm sure as Lina and I roam the stores.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Updates

Hello hello to all the sexy furs out there. I'd like to just announce that we now have a kiosk to Furoque Magazine located in the freebies section of the lounge.

Furoque, is a SL production magazine featuring busty furs of SL as well as articles, interviews, and the what nots. So be sure to give them a peek and in possible future issues ya might see some of my handy photography work, nothing known as of yet. If you yourself would like to model or take photos please check them out in world or the webby.

Additional lounge changes:
To free up some prims I've removed the floating alien plants and replaced them with some lesser prim but spiffier alien take over looking things. Nothing too big, just wanted to clear up some prims for the small rezzing platform for the store.

So that's all I got for now, happy yiffing and have a safe fun holiday season!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Check In

Hello furs! So I haven't come on here since Thanksgiving to post anything, sorry about that! My RL has been pretty busy with my moms illness and better news of being promoted at the rl workplace.

However, you all of course see my hand in the place still at work with the introduction of aliens and X-Mas decor! So speaking of X-Mas decor I've added a new original creation to the place with the creation of the Nutcracker King!!

I was constantly laughing while building this one and hope you guys enjoy the new visitor. If you'd like one of your own and to help support our club at the same time, I've got him for sale for just 100 lindens on the marketplace.

Any donations are always helpfull, and until next time I wish all you sexy fuzzy butts a safe and happy holidays!