Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Update

Hello sexy furs!

Well just a little bit of an update, if you haven't seen by now the subway lounge has been updated a touch. I went out attempting to find some chairs that had some 3 person cuddles but didn't find much at all. But anyway, the green cot by the wall has some 3 person cuddles, and I have another I'm keeping an eye on as well. The beanbag chairs should pretty much be the same, just maybe different menus, I just wanted to get some stuff that fit in better.

So anyways, just let us know what you guys think or if there is anything we could to make the place better. As always we're here for you guys, so will take suggestions and see if it can be done. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Calling all photographers! We want your photos be it raw or touched up no matter the subject matter, if it was taken at the lounge lets share it. If you have a flickr account, we have the group! http://www.flickr.com/groups/1958693@N22/  This is just a group I set up to help promote the lounge through photographs, allowing for people to see the Alley and activities going on.

Please feel free to join and share your furry photo adventures. :)

Also, a photos tab page as been added to the blog as well. While this is still being updated, I'm hoping to find some really great shots of the club and furs in it. Your photos can go up there too, just share.


New Logo.

Alright, in spirits of all my recent updating and feeling a bit arty tonight I figured it was time to give our old faithful logo a bit of an uplift. Ya know, just polish it up some and make this joint look a little bit more professional? HA!

Well anyway, I'm just proud of it and thought I'd show it off here :P So without further delay the new Yiff Alley Gear dog *ques the drum roll*

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Few More Changes

Weee yay RL work! Ok, so anyway besides my boring rl job and all, I just wanted to come on and make a quick shout out post about the changes done this morning. I'm pretty sure most of you have seen all the changes going on street level and how much more spiffy awesome beans it's becoming, but two small but in some ways major things have been done today.

First off the landing point has been changed to take you directly to the street level. We'll be doing away with the original entrance way and TP up, it was just a portion of the past build that honestly right now just isn't needed. Don't worry about thinking you'll need to update LMs or anything like that however, the old ones will still work and just take you right up to the street.

Second, when you do land expect a pop up greeting now. I held off sooooooooooo long on doing something like this cause I honestly find them annoying, but I've bit the bullet and got it to help with new comers who don't know the layout of the lounge or this blog. Just a little something for the new furs to have some information and what not.

So far from the changes I think I've seen some pretty good results :) At least in my few hours before work.

Well, off to the work grind. See you fur butts in 8 hours BLAH! :P


P.S. HAPPY AUGUST!! I really need to take the kayak out soon and enjoy the sun some soon.