Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game Room and Dungeon

Greetings all.

After receiving a few requests to place out our greedy table again we have worked to trim back on prims and squeeze in a new game room. It is not much, but the empty building to the side of the lounge has been spruced up and inside you can find a wall mounted game of Greedy and a game of Battleship. Our chess table has remained where it has always been in the main floor of the lounge though.

In addition to the Game Room, we have also redesigned the Dungeon. The lobby area has been increased, providing lots more room and the bdsm note-card library has also been moved up there. The over all dungeon has also expanded with a new room dedicated specifically to Fendom.

We hope that you enjoy these changes and have fun playing Greedy and with your sub.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a little heads up, tonight I'll be working in the dungeon some rebuilding the entrance way a bit and making a possible addition. I've got a few new toys, want some older ones back out, and just some general construction work.

The main lounge has also underwent a slight redesign but is complete. Hope you all enjoy as I feel the area is now more open and welcoming.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey guys,

As any long term follower knows by now, I'm always stressing about us being open to your ideas and suggestions for the lounge. We wanted to give back to the community and create a good friendly atmosphere for furries to come and enjoy, so hearing from the community is always welcomed. But I have assumed on two things. 1. Someone actually reads this blog?? and 2. People would IM me or Lina. However, I understand people are busy or also still fairly new to YAL and may not know this information or who to contact.

So, to make things simple I've added three mailboxes into each of the main rooms of YAL. While I have "Suggestions Welcomed" in the hover text please feel free to use them for whatever, if you'd like to be assigned a role, something is broken, ect.. You can find the mailboxes in these following locations:
  • Main Lounge - Right by the door to the street by the panda and cube cow seats.
  • Yiff Room - In the dome, to the left as you as enter and begin to turn into the main area of the dome.
  • Dungeon - Left hand side of the door leading into the main dungeon rooms.
I feel this will just end up a better means of communicating with us and getting things done between the community and staff. I'll be checking these mail boxes regularly, either once or twice a week .. maybe once a day. We'll see :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dungeon and Sprucing

Alright guys, if you like to visit the dungeon you'll find a few more surprises now. I've swapped out thrones in the main room and re-arranged and added some new kinky toys. For additional new items I've had to make a few expansions with a new room added to the right side of the dungeon. We hope this further helps in your enjoyment of our D/s side of things.

As for any newcomers, you may also enhance the D/s experience by requesting either the Dominate or submissive role in our group. Any officer or Lina and me can assign you into the role. For Dom/mes the title is Yiff Alley Predator and the subs are Yiff Alley Prey.

The Private Room: Take a Hike as also been under construction lately. This is just for some minor equipment changes and cosmetic updating. It will be open fully here shortly.

As always we are always open to suggestions, so if you have any that will help our D/s sector grow or well anything, just share. Lina and I are always open ears.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Officers and Changes

Hey all, this is just going to be a quick entry to talk about a few things going on with the lounge and all.

First off we have gotten a few inquiries about the officer positions at YAL, those that have asked we still have you in mind but I wanted to talk a little about it. Lina and I both do not want to have any kind of application and take anyone that just asks for the role. A lot of work has gone into the lounge and a position with the controls of officer is one that I nor her take lightly. We do appreciate the desire and take your request in consideration, but we really like to see people who regulars, that we know a little more, and show a willing to help the lounge. 

In the past this was easier but as each day passes now we're getting more and more newcomers and regulars it's becoming a little harder to select. I have personally been asked by someone to only never see them again, so we are picky. However we are very much open to having more security and see a growing need for more. Each of our officers brings in their own talent and ways to help out the lounge, let us know what you can potentially bring and be a good example.We want people that are friendly, helpful to newbies, active, and just probably just a little bit crazy. 

Now that that's said, on to the some of the changes made recently since my last post.

The Private Room - Executive Suite: Well this room was a little bit lacking for it's name. Sure it had some good toys in it but it really didn't feel Executive... So it was next on the makeover list. Now when you TP in you can expect to find a much larger more cozy feeling room with two bay windows overlooking a nice city river and bridge. Nothing from the old room made it over, so now this room is just equipped for a couple to have a little romantic get away. Maybe it should be labeled Home Sweet Home v 2 .. but for now it's still the Executive Suite.

The Public Room - Pool Area: Ok, finally! I think I have this area at a state that I'm happy with it :) A new swing has been added on the deck at the expense of some of the group chairs. This swing will not swing! I removed the scripts to keep it stationary, but all the poses are functional. Also a gang bang pool as been added too, this smaller inflatable pool can host up to 5 people! I've only tried it out with 2, so I hope it's fun for you all. 

All Throughout: All throughout the build where you've seen one MaleDom chair from Dutchie, it now found it's partner and you will find a FemDom Chair. This is in the upstairs lounge, upstairs public room, dungeon, and probably more to come.

Entrance Greeting: Ok this one is important. I've been getting reports of toys not working and come to find out the person had me muted. Lina and I suspect it was the old greeting system, so we've installed a new one that will greet you with everything one time and should store your name for a set amount of time and only welcome you back when you return. So no more pop up windows which honestly I can't stand either. 

That is about it for now, just small tweaking around the place but all should be calm. I would like to host some small fun events in the near future so if anyone has any ideas or what not feel free to hit me or Lina up. In the past we've had games of Truth or Dare, Greedy, and a Pool Party.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recent Changes

Hey guys, as of lately I've been making some changes around the lounge (surprise surprise) and I thought I'd just make a little post about them all.

As you all may know by now, I am always on the look out for some new and different items and toys and looking at ways to optimally tweak the lounge. Yiff Alley has always been an ongoing project and evolved right with it's patrons, so I can not emphasize enough that if you have any suggestions please do tell me (Victoria Loveless). Lina and I listen to anything the community has to say and do what we can to make it happen and the state of the Lounge today has been inspired by community suggestions too.

So anyway lets get to the changes shall we?

Public Yiff Room
First off is the Public Yiff Room. Honestly, I'm surprised at how little this area has been used. Maybe I'm just not around when it is due to my RL work shift, but I tried to make it more inviting for people to come up and hangout there. The dome has been a bit of a challenge for me to decorate, but I've done what I can to make pockets of group and yiff sections.

So the changes made:

  • The upper floor of the main house has been completely redone. The group bed was taking up too much space and the other sitting area just felt a little meh. So we have styled it up with a spiffy fireplace/study look with a touch of bdsm themed toys and in all hopefully made it a more appealing nook to spend some time in.
  • On the ground floor things have pretty much remained the same, except for the toys around the staircase. Now there is just two more bean bag chairs and a piano all well equipped for your cuddle n romping needs.
  • The pool area - I wanted have this area a little more open with seating options for a multitude of furs. So along the edge of the dock are some seating arrangements that can support up to four people. Changed out one flotation toy with another, added an outdoor shower, and other little small things.

The Main Lounge
The main lounge is the bread and butter, the first thing people see and explore and honestly, we can all agree that the upstairs area was less than lacking, and the one office/reception area to the side was feeling a little out of place. Both of those has been redone with the upper floor more fitting to a lounge at the expense of losing stripper poles which honestly where not used too often. As far as the side office building, it's been made a little more sleek and more in tune with the Euro stylized atmosphere, despite the american bookshelf. Nothing really has been changed or removed in these spots (aside from the stripper poles) but rather just an updated look and providing more places to sit, cuddle, and romp around.

Private Room - Home Sweet Home
What home is a home without a kitchen? Well we had been lacking one in the private room - Home Sweet Home until now. You can now find a cozy little kitchen with some animations in the fridge and counter top. In addition to the kitchen we've replaced two pretty much unusable chairs with two that do have couples menus in them. 

The upper level was not spared from the remodeling bug either, as it now has a little cozy shower.

Private Room - The Spa
The private room - The Spa ... Well it had a spa, but lacked the feel of a true relaxing get away trip to a spa. So, now you can expect to enjoy the comforts of a cozy relaxing spa, complete with pool, shower, massage, hot tub, bed, and a few more cozy spots. This room is now perfect for you and a friend, or you and up to three friends to enjoy a nice relaxing retreat all to yourselves.

Future Plans??
We'll just have to see. I might see something tonight or a few weeks from now, however I want to re-instate that we are always open to your suggestions and help to continue in the advancement and success of Yiff Aalley Lounge. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey you guys! 

Well first off it's great to be back in SL and attending to the lounge once again, and I'm sure most of you that read this too has already seen the changes made here and there in my attempts to make everything perfect. But, besides all that I've seen some good things and some worrisome things these past few days, mostly arising from the amount of traffic and popularity increase.

First off, I'd like to say that's awesome about the increase number of traffic and more people becoming regulars at the Lounge. This past weekend I believe YAL hit a record high in the amount of traffic it has had coming in close to 25,000. However; with this increase in people of course brings with it some ... lets just put as "personality conflicts." People are people and there will always be conflicting points and opinions on other people, theology, political propaganda, country, and whatever! But please lets all act like adults and not an internet troll and let these personal matters remain private. 

It is fine and dandy to have an intelligent conversation of two opposing theories on a subject matter, but when things break down into bullying, pushing, slander of other people ... come on. It is hard to manage personal issues because it's just that, personal. Just let it brush off your shoulder and if you still cant stand the person the lounge is plenty big enough to not have to deal with them. I don't want to ban people on personal issues because it's matters that should be handled between the two opposing parties, but when things turn into a constant harassment day to day after whatever the altercation is, I do have issues with that. 

Please if you don't like someone keep it between you and your friends in private, like the gossip room in work/school. Bringing it out in public only hurts the Lounge and usually ends up making the instigator look bad.

So now that all that has been said. Lina and I founded Yiff Alley Lounge to be a friendly and welcoming furry hangout place, lets please keep that way.


P.S. We are considering more officer positions. IM Lina and or me for considerations.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hello my furry friends. I know it's been a very long time since I have posted on here or been in the lounge but this past year has been filled with lots of ups and downs in my personal life, from work being a bitch to the loss of a parent. However, as the storm is hopefully going to be winding down in the near future my focus is going to be back on YAL and its future. In this new focus I've turned my attention onto the public room, in the hopes of generating more furs up there to relax and hang out and do what ever it you kids are doing these days.

Please feel free to take the TP on up and peek around. I have remolded and resigned both the pool area and upper level to open the space up and provide more option for social gathering, naughty or not.