Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Really Do Listen!

So we had a suggestion for some more hide away places for just two. Thanks for letting us know, and as of now we have 3 new areas just small enough and cozy for two tucked away within the build. One located behind the bar, one tucked away in the ruins, and gym now has a spa room :) I'll be keeping my eye open for any other areas where spots just for 2 can be added in the future.

 Here is just a sneak peak of them.

We Now Have Forums

Many thanks to Lina and her work on getting us a forum set up!

 So we're just steamrolling the new changes and updates out today! So anyway, we now have a free forum for all to use located in the navigation bar above. Just click the tab, register, activate the account, then post away! So please feel free to post whatever is on your mind and keep checking in for further advancements to them as we continue to work.


I lied! .. Well Sort Of.

Welp folks, I told a lie in my last post ... The renovations keep coming!! However I'm EXCITED to announce the newest addition to the lounge!

So, are your arms a little flabby? Maybe you have a spare tire that needs some working off? Jazzerize, Yoga, or how about sweating to some oldies? Well we have it all for all! Yiff Alley Lounge is proud to introduce the newest addition of the GYM!

Inside you'll find a variety of equipment to get in prime yiffing shape in no time! Come try out the balance bar, or punching bag, or grab a few of your most yiffable friends and jump into the wrestling ring!

With this newest addition we have brought to you 4 new toys and brought back the missing fun a 7 person orgy toy since our original build! (alter to fit the theme however. Circle couch is still tucked away in my inventory.)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Also, in addition to the gym, the pool table has been updated with another one, as well as the tan high back chair in the main circle. We felt that they where both improvements from what we currently had and hope you all agree.

<3 Tori

PS I don't post enough pics, so here's a shot of the gym!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Face Lift

In the shadows of the night while most of you where asleep cuddled up with your significant others the lounge underwent some minor cosmetic updates. I know I've changed quiet a lot with the build, but I hope to keep the lounge evolving and growing into the best urban, slum, dystopian, apocalyptic hangout areas for the furry population of SL.

As many of you have probably already seen by now, added in with the specialized items for 1st act avatars is a cave which was revealed when the wall structure of the subway was weakened and caved in.

Secondly. To further help people find the lounge area of Y.A.L. a new landing zone has been built into the subway station. So straight away from TPing in visitors will be a very short walk away from the main portion of the lounge. We hope that this will increase the number of visitors that stay, explore, and interact with fellow misfits.

Finally, the most impacted area effected by the face lift is the street level. All of it has just been strictly cosmetic, just to make the area look better. The skies are no longer star filled, but polluted with smog and remnants of a city skyline. One building facade has received a major uplift, making it the perfect place for a post apocalyptic/dystopian society faction head quarters (occupied by the misfits of course). The building rubble has been swapped around making more room and leaving less dead space on the streets. Of course the swapping rubble has misplaced a few toys but they are still within in sight and easy to find.

Other minor changes include new furry artwork being placed around the entire build in the form of fake ads. These will just be popping up as I get the time to find to artwork and add a bit of the Y.A.L. touch to them.

A new statue toy has been added in the street level, serving to remind everyone of the strength and courage of the band of misfit furs who fought and sacrificed to keep this small sector of city under control and a safe haven for all furies in this post apocalypse. (You can also hang your subs from it!)

Tips! Instead of one donation box there are now smaller tip jars spread out around the lounge. I've tried my best to keep them non intrusive and fit in with the theme. If you like the club and wish to help, just give a tip.

So ummm... Things should quieten down now around the lounge, unless my brain gets hold of another wild idea causing me to bring out the sledgehammer. As always we love to hear feed back on what you guys like, don't like, want, ect. So feel free to speak up and share your ideas, we really do listen and will work to accommodate our public.

<3 Tori

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Officer and Little Update

Hey guys, in order to help keep an eye on the place more a new officer has been brought on board. Everyone knows him as the lovable dark fox who wont be bribed into wearing a dress, Syxx! He's been a loyal patron of the alley from it's early days, so Lina and I both thought he'd be a welcome addition to the officers team.

Also, I've found a few cuddle chairs and toys suited for the 1st Act wolf avatars. I have one, Lina has one, and I've seen a few come in and hang around the lounge. I think most regular sized avatars may still work with these, but I'll be adding in a bean bag cuddle chair, a preening stool out, as well as some sex barrels.

The barrels should be ok for any avatar to use I think, the chair and stool, well I don't know yet lol. Just want to have something for everyone.

As always let me us know what you think of the lounge. What could be better? Do you like what we're doing? Wish we where doing something else? Just let us know. Lina and I opened this club for you guys, so let us know.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween is near ... at least at Yiff Alley!

Ok all you sexy furs out there that enjoy the spirit of Halloween. Well it's here at the alley now, come check out the fun new additions and I'm sure more will catch my eye as the RL Halloween comes closer.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tori Update

Hey guys, sorry I have not been around much at all lately, but I want to just type out a quick message to ensure everyone that the Alley is in no danger in my absence. I did receive a message about some griefers, I'm sorry no officers where around at the time, but we are listening to what you have to say and the lounge is still a priority for me and Lina.

RL wise, my mother has been in and out of the hospital all through July, August, and just brought back this week. My work has also now been impacted with Hurricane Issac, so that's just some of what has been going on with me in the RL. I have kept the rent up to date, but on my free time I've been spending with Lina in another game, but please don't take my current absence as a weakness or not caring about the lounge or you guys. It's just been a crazy few months but I love you all and will keep things going.

If you'd like to help out more and think you'd be a good officer please contact Lina and myself for a possible promotion to help in these times.

<3 all you crazy furs!