Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well, this post is a little late as the mass change has already happened, but here it is anyway! Yiff Alley Lounge has gone through a major change over the course of the weekend. Sunday night we managed to roll out with a new design for the alley and so far the feedback has been great, thank you guys for the support and encouragement. While the change was quick, a lot of thought has been put into this new design. I wanted to cut out the excess and create a well balanced place for people to come chill out, relax, and meet some new people.

The street area I'm still working on, I feel it's a little empty so look for some more hang out spots there in the near future.

As far as any other major changes go, you all can rest easy. A basement may be the only big upcoming change but that will depend on prim limit and what not. I do want to focus a little more on the bdsm side of things, so any feed back from any Doms or subs there would be great.

Other than that.. I just hope you guys enjoy the lounge and the work put into everything.

And to our US East Coast Furs I hope you all are ok from the hurricane.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October the 9th ...

So, for most this day isn't overly important but for me it marks another year on this earth I've lived. On my last birthday I spent some time out in the woods relaxing, de-stressing, and just enjoying a treat to myself. Little did I know all that was in store for me the coming year. The past two days I didn't even know if my mother would be with me today and honestly the outlook is still bleak. However, on the brighter side of things that year brought me to all of you as well. In March Yiff Alley Lounge opened it doors and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed all of you guys.

In light of the recent developments in my personal life it has just emphasized at how precious life and our relationships are. So forgive me for being all mushy but Second Life does build real connections and I mean it when I say you guys are like family. We've already had people come and go, it's just the way of SL (and RL), so lets not take people for granted and tell those close how much they mean to you. I appreciate each and everyone of our little misfit family and I just want to wish everyone a great day and good fortunes.

Have an awesome day and have a piece of cake guilt free for me!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Furry Conventions

Ok crazy furs, just some FYI October is a busy month for furry conventions. In case you didn't know already I'm going to post them and try to keep up with when they are from month to month from now on.

So Oct 2012 looks like this.

(States) Oct 17-22: Oklacon (OK)
(UK)    Oct 20: Frantic Eufuria
(States) Oct 26-28: Fangcon (TN)
(States) Oct 26-28: FurFright (CT)
(States) Oct 27: Furloween (FL)
(States) Oct 27-28: Elliott's Fall Festival (FL)

I've never personally been to one, but TN is only a few hours away :) Maybe I'll see ya'll there.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ok so the weekend of destruction, re-arranging, and adding has concluded ... for now. So everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the company of the best group of furs that I know. There has been new additions, and one major reconstruction of the build but one thing I really want to take the time to talk about in terms of our progression again is the forums.

Lina has worked hard to integrate forums directly onto the blog, and we both feel that it can serve to help bind our little community together stronger. Aside from the typical introduce yourself posts and general chit chat, we've been coming up with ideas to help meet new people and form lasting friendships via "personal ads" and sharing STEAM user handles for team play in any other computer games. I personally love forums to browse and keep in contact with everyone while at work. So we would just love to see some involvement there as well.

Our lounge may be small, but we have big ideas and dreams. We want the lounge to be more than just a place for your avie to idle at. So if you like what we're doing, please get involved and share the word.

Peace out my misfit family!