Monday, July 30, 2012

Just a few thoughts

Well, for starters there has been a slight re modeling of the street level of the lounge. Nothing major really, just worked on the look to give it a more slummy dystopian and war wrecked feel. All of it is just visual but I think it looks pretty niffty :)

So onto the thoughts section. This is something that has just had me a bit worried, but for the past few weeks our numbers in traffic has dropped. Since the remodeling we have been hovering around the 10-12k mark, but one week it got as low as 4k but has leveled back off at around 8k.

At first I thought it might of just been an off week, maybe a furry convention going on in the RL world and what not. But now that it has gone on for a weeks now I'm just wondering what could of happened. Please, please, please, if any changes made you guys don't like, or if someone or something happened here, please contact the officers, Lina, or myself. From the very start we wanted Y.A.L. to be for you guys and have always listened to suggestions and what our public has had to say. We are not here for profits or to be cool owners of something, we are here to provide the SL furry community something different than the usual fur clubs, so let us know what you think.


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