Sunday, September 30, 2012

I lied! .. Well Sort Of.

Welp folks, I told a lie in my last post ... The renovations keep coming!! However I'm EXCITED to announce the newest addition to the lounge!

So, are your arms a little flabby? Maybe you have a spare tire that needs some working off? Jazzerize, Yoga, or how about sweating to some oldies? Well we have it all for all! Yiff Alley Lounge is proud to introduce the newest addition of the GYM!

Inside you'll find a variety of equipment to get in prime yiffing shape in no time! Come try out the balance bar, or punching bag, or grab a few of your most yiffable friends and jump into the wrestling ring!

With this newest addition we have brought to you 4 new toys and brought back the missing fun a 7 person orgy toy since our original build! (alter to fit the theme however. Circle couch is still tucked away in my inventory.)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Also, in addition to the gym, the pool table has been updated with another one, as well as the tan high back chair in the main circle. We felt that they where both improvements from what we currently had and hope you all agree.

<3 Tori

PS I don't post enough pics, so here's a shot of the gym!

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