Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Officer and Little Update

Hey guys, in order to help keep an eye on the place more a new officer has been brought on board. Everyone knows him as the lovable dark fox who wont be bribed into wearing a dress, Syxx! He's been a loyal patron of the alley from it's early days, so Lina and I both thought he'd be a welcome addition to the officers team.

Also, I've found a few cuddle chairs and toys suited for the 1st Act wolf avatars. I have one, Lina has one, and I've seen a few come in and hang around the lounge. I think most regular sized avatars may still work with these, but I'll be adding in a bean bag cuddle chair, a preening stool out, as well as some sex barrels.

The barrels should be ok for any avatar to use I think, the chair and stool, well I don't know yet lol. Just want to have something for everyone.

As always let me us know what you think of the lounge. What could be better? Do you like what we're doing? Wish we where doing something else? Just let us know. Lina and I opened this club for you guys, so let us know.

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