Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Furry Conventions

Ok crazy furs, just some FYI October is a busy month for furry conventions. In case you didn't know already I'm going to post them and try to keep up with when they are from month to month from now on.

So Oct 2012 looks like this.

(States) Oct 17-22: Oklacon (OK)
(UK)    Oct 20: Frantic Eufuria
(States) Oct 26-28: Fangcon (TN)
(States) Oct 26-28: FurFright (CT)
(States) Oct 27: Furloween (FL)
(States) Oct 27-28: Elliott's Fall Festival (FL)

I've never personally been to one, but TN is only a few hours away :) Maybe I'll see ya'll there.


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