Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well, this post is a little late as the mass change has already happened, but here it is anyway! Yiff Alley Lounge has gone through a major change over the course of the weekend. Sunday night we managed to roll out with a new design for the alley and so far the feedback has been great, thank you guys for the support and encouragement. While the change was quick, a lot of thought has been put into this new design. I wanted to cut out the excess and create a well balanced place for people to come chill out, relax, and meet some new people.

The street area I'm still working on, I feel it's a little empty so look for some more hang out spots there in the near future.

As far as any other major changes go, you all can rest easy. A basement may be the only big upcoming change but that will depend on prim limit and what not. I do want to focus a little more on the bdsm side of things, so any feed back from any Doms or subs there would be great.

Other than that.. I just hope you guys enjoy the lounge and the work put into everything.

And to our US East Coast Furs I hope you all are ok from the hurricane.


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