Monday, November 12, 2012

Move is Complete

First let me just apologize for taking an environment all everyone is familiar and cozy with and completely uprooting it again. However with the current state of the Helgrind sim, Lina and I both thought it was a wise choice to relocate the lounge to another sim. The lag was getting unbearable and causing many of us grief and crashes. So when I stumbled upon this new plot of land it was just ideal. We know occupy 1/4th a sim, shared with only 3 other people and is pretty much as lag free as you'll get in SL *knocks on wood*

Anywho, I tried to make this transition quick and with little impact to all of you guys and am proud to announce that the lounge has now 100% plus been moved from Helgrind to Naughty by Nature! Please be sure to update your LMs, and if searching for us the Helgrind one is still showing so watch which one you click on.

Additional Plans:

Well, owning 1/4th a sim has left me with plenty of prims so the construction isn't over quiet yet! I'm tossing around ideas ... a 4th private room, public dungeon/cellar, could expand on the street level some more, and so on. I would love to hear your ideas but so far the dungeon/cellar is winning out in the heated debate with Lina and I.

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