Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back at Work Again

So if you haven't seen by winter has now officially set in at the lounge. The snow if falling and streets are iced over, making it that much more cozy to grab the fur you love snuggle, yiff, humiliate, whatever and have some fun. And to help accommodate those needs there has been a few toy swaps and additions brought in.

First off is the light poles have now been swapped out with some more fun ones, just be careful about getting any wet body parts stuck to them this winter!

Second! The bondage bed located in bondage church has been swapped out with a newer and much better one. There are two areas to sit on this bed, the mattress will give you all standard bed options, but sitting on the baseboard unlocks all sorts of fun bondage options.

Third! We've swapped out a few couches and chairs for another one which provides more fur on fur action.

Fourth! We've added in a few pipes that are just a little more than decor. One in the church, one outside the police station.

Fifth! Some slave sitting pillows are being dropped around randomly for our toy friends.

And the weekend is still young! More to come I'm sure as Lina and I roam the stores.


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