Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Check In

Hello furs! So I haven't come on here since Thanksgiving to post anything, sorry about that! My RL has been pretty busy with my moms illness and better news of being promoted at the rl workplace.

However, you all of course see my hand in the place still at work with the introduction of aliens and X-Mas decor! So speaking of X-Mas decor I've added a new original creation to the place with the creation of the Nutcracker King!!

I was constantly laughing while building this one and hope you guys enjoy the new visitor. If you'd like one of your own and to help support our club at the same time, I've got him for sale for just 100 lindens on the marketplace. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/YADecor-The-Nutcracker-King/4295090

Any donations are always helpfull, and until next time I wish all you sexy fuzzy butts a safe and happy holidays!


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