Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Public Room Revamps

Hey all, just been doing some slight interior design on the public rooms to make them both feel a little more homey and cozy.

The Dungeon's entrance has been expanded and offers more of a lounge type feel to it with the toys tucked away in their own room/cave. I've added more to it than previously with the addition of more seating, a fire place, and bar. 

The Yiff room has had had some additions, and swaps outs just to give it an over all more welcoming feel and more warm places for warm fuzzy contact. I noticed aside from the orgy bed that nothing there really had any 3 some options so I've been on the look out for more of that. So here I've swapped out the orgy bed for a better looking one, removed the shower since it didn't really do anything, added lots more around the fire place, and the pool side now has a better hammock and loungers.


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