Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game Room and Dungeon

Greetings all.

After receiving a few requests to place out our greedy table again we have worked to trim back on prims and squeeze in a new game room. It is not much, but the empty building to the side of the lounge has been spruced up and inside you can find a wall mounted game of Greedy and a game of Battleship. Our chess table has remained where it has always been in the main floor of the lounge though.

In addition to the Game Room, we have also redesigned the Dungeon. The lobby area has been increased, providing lots more room and the bdsm note-card library has also been moved up there. The over all dungeon has also expanded with a new room dedicated specifically to Fendom.

We hope that you enjoy these changes and have fun playing Greedy and with your sub.


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