Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey you guys! 

Well first off it's great to be back in SL and attending to the lounge once again, and I'm sure most of you that read this too has already seen the changes made here and there in my attempts to make everything perfect. But, besides all that I've seen some good things and some worrisome things these past few days, mostly arising from the amount of traffic and popularity increase.

First off, I'd like to say that's awesome about the increase number of traffic and more people becoming regulars at the Lounge. This past weekend I believe YAL hit a record high in the amount of traffic it has had coming in close to 25,000. However; with this increase in people of course brings with it some ... lets just put as "personality conflicts." People are people and there will always be conflicting points and opinions on other people, theology, political propaganda, country, and whatever! But please lets all act like adults and not an internet troll and let these personal matters remain private. 

It is fine and dandy to have an intelligent conversation of two opposing theories on a subject matter, but when things break down into bullying, pushing, slander of other people ... come on. It is hard to manage personal issues because it's just that, personal. Just let it brush off your shoulder and if you still cant stand the person the lounge is plenty big enough to not have to deal with them. I don't want to ban people on personal issues because it's matters that should be handled between the two opposing parties, but when things turn into a constant harassment day to day after whatever the altercation is, I do have issues with that. 

Please if you don't like someone keep it between you and your friends in private, like the gossip room in work/school. Bringing it out in public only hurts the Lounge and usually ends up making the instigator look bad.

So now that all that has been said. Lina and I founded Yiff Alley Lounge to be a friendly and welcoming furry hangout place, lets please keep that way.


P.S. We are considering more officer positions. IM Lina and or me for considerations.

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