Friday, March 28, 2014

Heads Up!

Hey you guys!

I'm posting to give a short head notice that there will be some construction going on around the lounge this weekend. Sorry for such a late notice of this, but Lina and I where still undecided on the exact building and designs to go on until way past my bed time this morning. But as much as I love the main lounge there has always been some issues with it and well now I think it's served it's purpose and due for a change.

The first major issue with the build in it's current state for me has been the entrance. It's just too damn small! I have personally had issues walking through it when lagging, I've seen other people walking into the windows (and no they where not avian), plus it can pretty easy to block.

More space has been issue too. I'd like for the lounge to be more open and spacious feeling but yet still keeping that cozy and charm we have.

And as always .... PRIMS!

So anyway. Lina and I have finally came to terms with a building that we both feel will meet all those and be an improvement. Once I get off work I'll begin working on it early Saturday morning. Nothing will be closed, however expect lots of flying objects.


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