Saturday, November 3, 2012

Private Rooms Active

Well my sexy fur butts out there, I was able to live up to my expected date of having the rooms operational! The TPs for the rooms can be found in the lower hallway off to the left of the theater or lobby (Just look for the sign that reads rooms). So for a sneak peak here they are ...

1st the Maintenance Room
This is just a small little room, two forcing toys available for use. Kinda of like the Boiler Room of the old old build.

2nd the Dressing Room
This one is my personal favorite, two vanities with just a brushing hair animation but one of my most fav chairs to date is dedicated to this room, as well as a pretty extensive menu driven bed, and be sure to click the wardrobe out.

3rd the Props Room
Every stage has to have props! This one is sort of like the Porn Room from the original YAL, just minus the cameras and a few more prop like toys.

I'm toying around still with an idea for making an orgy room if I can still shave off some un needed prims here and there, what do you guys think? Let me know.

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