Friday, November 2, 2012

Private Rooms Update

Just a little update, the outside of the lounge is looking a little different now so that I could free up some prim space for the upcoming private rooms. I'm still pushing the comfort level of prim space, so there will probably be some more construction down in the main build tonight when I get home to free up any that I can without sacrificing the quality of the build as well.

So, the good news. Two of the planned three private rooms are just about ready! I've got them constructed and decorated, all that will need to be done is putting them in their final placement and setting up all the technical boring stuff. So, I don't have any pictures yet, but what you can look forward too is three rooms all pertaining to the theme of the lounge including the new theater look. We will be having a maintenance room, props room, and my favorite the dressing room for you to take that special someone for some alone time.

Along with the remodeling project you might notice some new strip poles!! I'm suuuuper excited about these things! *bounces around* Ok, so if you haven't checked them out yet, they don't a tip mode that I've seen yet but they are PACKED full of animations, even male ones! Soooo sexy right? I want to see some hunky furs up there!! 

Also the ground floor room I've made into a more cuddle/strip pole room as well ... not sure on this one, so I'm wanting to hear some feed back about that change.

Other than that ... I'd like to just estimate that I'll have the new private rooms open by Saturday *crosses fingers* If not then Sunday for sure.

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