Monday, December 24, 2012


Wishing everyone a happy holidays this year, may you be safe and merry with your friends, family, and loved ones this season!!

I love this time of year, not because of anything spiritual, not the massive commercialization, nor traffic and head aches when just trying to buy some toilet paper from the store! But something about the holidays is just great. We go crazy decorating, spend some time with the family (usually) not bickering, get snug up by the fire or even space heater which just brings back all the fond childhood memories ... and not to mention the other creature comforts to combat the cold, hot chocolate!! Mmhmmm hot chocolate, next to a fire surrounded by beautiful decorations. It's more a celebration of human life and family to me. Decorations are the first sign of human evolution maturing enough to grow our own crops thus more time was spent developing the arts. And of course around the center of every successful tribe, village  city was the family and friends working together to keep it going. So many times now of days we forget that and these times at least bring us closer together with our personal ones ... Maybe for once, on a few days the world is happy together :)

So anyway, enough of my rambling, I do have some real news to share as well!

I've started making some changes around the lounge. I've added a more 'fancy' entrance around the hospital. This change was just moving things around and purely more cosmetic than anything, all the toys are still there.

So after doing that I had some more room and one thing that has always bugged me about the lounge is there is absolutely no parking!!! You can't have a theater, hospital, & shops n stuff without having parking around. So nestled in between the hospital and hardware store is a brand spanking new parking garage!!

I'm still in the process of fleshing the parking garage out, but I have added a new toy to the lounge with the addition of another sex menu driven car. Be sure to check in after christmas as I begin to finish it out some more.

The Asian like massage parlor has gone out of business sadly. In it's place I've brought back the bar from the Subway version of the Lounge. This time it actually looks like a bar.

Right next to the bar is just a lil food stand, not sure if it will make the cut or not.

Sooo that's all I got for you furs today. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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