Thursday, December 27, 2012

When will I ever stop!

I know some of you are well aware of my constant tweaking and changing things up around the lounge. I hope it doesn't put anyone off as people do generally don't bode well with change all that well, but  I'm constantly working to the betterment of the alley's look, atmosphere, level of quality, and new things to offer to you. So when a sparkly new awesome toy catches my eye my first thought is "Oooooh where can I fit that in!". From the Yiff Alley Lounges very origins Lina and I wanted to bring quality in everything from atmosphere, toys, and management. To us this isn't just a club to throw up and forget about, it's our home and are happy to hear others say that is too.

With all that being said..

Over the holidays I was a little busy bee! The way the Alley was looking just began to not set right with me, the hospital was right on the street and didn't look right, we had buildings and businesses meant to hold people but no parking, some buildings where un-used some areas looked completely different from the rest of the build and so on. 

Call me O.C.D. but those little things where gnawing away at me and so the construction commenced! The most notable change would probably be the atmosphere. When Lina and I where discussing the Alley we wanted something dirty, grungy, and bleak. So I've been making some swaps here and there to give the whole place a more post apocalyptic, dystopian, dark feel which has lead to some changes in some popular and familiar areas.

So.. for the most drastic changes first. The BDSM Church has gone through the most changes. My theory behind these changes is that in the hypothetical events that lead up the apocalypse the church was taken over by a more darker cult which began reverting back to the old superstitious and torturous ways of the church, accusing the wicked and unjust of bringing on this event with their sins and taking the punishment of them into their own hands later as civil law diminished.

Changes made here include just making it look more like it used to be a church at some point in time. We've added in some menu driven pews and podium, some chairs that fit the look better, gallows, an iron maiden, and swapped a few bondage toys out for new ones. 

The next big change would be the removal of the Asian themed spa/massage palor. I just never noticed anyone really using it and in all it just really didn't fit in with the rest of the build at all. Some of the toys in it were not Lina and my favorites either. So in place of that building is the bar I used back in the subway version of YAL, only this time it looks much more like a bar. Nothing really too new here, but it makes for a nice cozy place to relax with friends.

The Parking Garage .. Well, it has always bugged me as we began growing that there was no parking available! From the first time I set the theater up, I wanted parking. It's only logical that with a theater you'll have parking near by, then when the hospital came along it was just getting more silly by the moment. So it was only a matter of time and finding the best available option. So I'm proud to announce that the parking garage is fully installed and equipped! Inside you'll find another sex menu car, seating areas, and lots of little knocks and dark corners to drag someone off too.

The Hospital has gone through some minor changes. Mostly I just re-positioned it and built in an entrance way to make it look like a more realistic hospital. Outside be sure to check out the tree and door light. On the inside all is the same except the room which did have stairs now has a dummy elevator just to avoid some confusion.

The Theater is still the theater :P Just been playing around with minor decor changes and additions of new seating options and seasonal decor.

Well I've rambled on long enough and probably haven't even said a thing. I just hope that you guys appreciate the changes and while changes can be bad I'm hoping that we're continually improving and offering the best to you all. Let us know what you think as well, we're here because of you all and are always open to hear suggestions, comments, and so on.


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