Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey guys,

As any long term follower knows by now, I'm always stressing about us being open to your ideas and suggestions for the lounge. We wanted to give back to the community and create a good friendly atmosphere for furries to come and enjoy, so hearing from the community is always welcomed. But I have assumed on two things. 1. Someone actually reads this blog?? and 2. People would IM me or Lina. However, I understand people are busy or also still fairly new to YAL and may not know this information or who to contact.

So, to make things simple I've added three mailboxes into each of the main rooms of YAL. While I have "Suggestions Welcomed" in the hover text please feel free to use them for whatever, if you'd like to be assigned a role, something is broken, ect.. You can find the mailboxes in these following locations:
  • Main Lounge - Right by the door to the street by the panda and cube cow seats.
  • Yiff Room - In the dome, to the left as you as enter and begin to turn into the main area of the dome.
  • Dungeon - Left hand side of the door leading into the main dungeon rooms.
I feel this will just end up a better means of communicating with us and getting things done between the community and staff. I'll be checking these mail boxes regularly, either once or twice a week .. maybe once a day. We'll see :)

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