Monday, August 26, 2013

Dungeon and Sprucing

Alright guys, if you like to visit the dungeon you'll find a few more surprises now. I've swapped out thrones in the main room and re-arranged and added some new kinky toys. For additional new items I've had to make a few expansions with a new room added to the right side of the dungeon. We hope this further helps in your enjoyment of our D/s side of things.

As for any newcomers, you may also enhance the D/s experience by requesting either the Dominate or submissive role in our group. Any officer or Lina and me can assign you into the role. For Dom/mes the title is Yiff Alley Predator and the subs are Yiff Alley Prey.

The Private Room: Take a Hike as also been under construction lately. This is just for some minor equipment changes and cosmetic updating. It will be open fully here shortly.

As always we are always open to suggestions, so if you have any that will help our D/s sector grow or well anything, just share. Lina and I are always open ears.


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