Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Officers and Changes

Hey all, this is just going to be a quick entry to talk about a few things going on with the lounge and all.

First off we have gotten a few inquiries about the officer positions at YAL, those that have asked we still have you in mind but I wanted to talk a little about it. Lina and I both do not want to have any kind of application and take anyone that just asks for the role. A lot of work has gone into the lounge and a position with the controls of officer is one that I nor her take lightly. We do appreciate the desire and take your request in consideration, but we really like to see people who regulars, that we know a little more, and show a willing to help the lounge. 

In the past this was easier but as each day passes now we're getting more and more newcomers and regulars it's becoming a little harder to select. I have personally been asked by someone to only never see them again, so we are picky. However we are very much open to having more security and see a growing need for more. Each of our officers brings in their own talent and ways to help out the lounge, let us know what you can potentially bring and be a good example.We want people that are friendly, helpful to newbies, active, and just probably just a little bit crazy. 

Now that that's said, on to the some of the changes made recently since my last post.

The Private Room - Executive Suite: Well this room was a little bit lacking for it's name. Sure it had some good toys in it but it really didn't feel Executive... So it was next on the makeover list. Now when you TP in you can expect to find a much larger more cozy feeling room with two bay windows overlooking a nice city river and bridge. Nothing from the old room made it over, so now this room is just equipped for a couple to have a little romantic get away. Maybe it should be labeled Home Sweet Home v 2 .. but for now it's still the Executive Suite.

The Public Room - Pool Area: Ok, finally! I think I have this area at a state that I'm happy with it :) A new swing has been added on the deck at the expense of some of the group chairs. This swing will not swing! I removed the scripts to keep it stationary, but all the poses are functional. Also a gang bang pool as been added too, this smaller inflatable pool can host up to 5 people! I've only tried it out with 2, so I hope it's fun for you all. 

All Throughout: All throughout the build where you've seen one MaleDom chair from Dutchie, it now found it's partner and you will find a FemDom Chair. This is in the upstairs lounge, upstairs public room, dungeon, and probably more to come.

Entrance Greeting: Ok this one is important. I've been getting reports of toys not working and come to find out the person had me muted. Lina and I suspect it was the old greeting system, so we've installed a new one that will greet you with everything one time and should store your name for a set amount of time and only welcome you back when you return. So no more pop up windows which honestly I can't stand either. 

That is about it for now, just small tweaking around the place but all should be calm. I would like to host some small fun events in the near future so if anyone has any ideas or what not feel free to hit me or Lina up. In the past we've had games of Truth or Dare, Greedy, and a Pool Party.


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