Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yiff Room Poll

Hello furry friends, I've got a poll for you today YAY!

Ok, so all silliness aside. I've been taking a look at our Yiff Room and it's been having some ok traffic up there but also not quiet as good as the other areas. While my former changes to the Dungeon and Private Rooms hasn't been a drastic change from the original structure and theme, I'm looking at the Yiff Room in terms of a complete overhaul. So please read my explanation, possible ideas, and give us your opinion on the matter.

First. In all my changes done to the lounge, I have seen more comments about the areas looking more open and welcoming. Right now in the Yiff Room it's kind of packed and not much open room for walking around in. I feel that there is also a lot dead space up there. While the build is superb, the floor space is limited and kind of crowded. I don't like that there is only one path to the pool and even at the pool there is hardly standing room to move around in.

Second. The fact that this is a house inside a skybox really spends a lot of prims on just making the exterior of the house look good. I can save on prims by just a box with the decore spent souly on the interior and the exterior being left up to the imagination. This will allow me to use those free prims elsewhere in the build via more toys or themed decoration ect...

So my thinking is finding something a little bit bigger with less prims and more open to give you guys more floor space to walk around in and hang out in. My possible ideas thus far would be either like a park, or the inside of a building (similar to how the dungeon is only not as dark), I would love to keep some kind of pool. Ideas are still formulating in my head, but we will have to look around and see what can be done. Quality of course will not be sacrificed. In fact we're looking too improve it.

I do know that some of you guys like the room as it is and one person even said it should be the main TP area. So I don't want to act without hearing back from the community on this one.
So, with that I'll leave voting up to you guys.

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Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog and participate in this poll. We love to hear your feed back and always hope to continue to provide you a quality fun and enjoyable hangout in the Second Life grid.


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