Friday, September 13, 2013


Well one obvious revision you don't have to look to far to see is that the blog has changed! I've just been working on the image of the blog some today after making some other other revisions to things. Hopefully this a little more eye pleasing with a better ease of following the information and what not.

Other revisions I wish to speak on though however. Unfortunately we regret that we need to tighten up our rules, but some events have shown that we should as well a further define some areas of them. As of today I've written up a new revision our rules and will probably add to them as the weekend progresses. All I really want to ask of you guys though is to please be respectful to others. It shouldn't be a hard thing to do.

But ending on a possitive note. As of now we have a whole 12 of ya voting for change lol. The polls are still open about the yiff room though, but the way votes are going so far it seems like as of Sunday I'll be working on the new Yiff Room. Lina and I have already picked out a much bigger space so I personally think it will be the better thing to do. I just don't want to end up ruffling to many feathers with changes to how things are.


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