Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Premature Release

Well I had not even had the new Yiff Room open for more than a day before I started spotting areas that vastly needed more work, so the past couple of nights I've been throwing in a few changes but as of today I think all is happy and fine in my little Tori world.

First off the middle upstairs room just ... eh felt a little like I just stuffed it with items and said done. So I reworked it into being a small gym like room and brought back some old toys from our Subway days and a little more new ones. As of this morning two more toys where added in and it feels more complete and suitable for a home gym. 

(not seen in picture is a lounge chair and bed)

One other room upstairs also just felt kind of loosely thrown together with no thought, which was one with the canopy bed, rug, and what not. This was just an easy fix of rearranging the furniture and making a few swaps. Nothing too major but it feels much more put together now, or at least to me :P

Other changes have also been made to the pool area. While at first it was just going to be a visual there were many curious furs sneaking out to it. So I have made an entrance to it from the lower floor and have added more toys out there for some good wet fun. There is a mixture of solo items and couple ones out there.

Lina and I are quiet proud of these recent changes, and we hope that you all are enjoying them as well. Let us know what you think! We're always open to hear back from our visitors.

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  1. I really like the way you have rearranged everything! it looks amazing and classy! We could need more beautiful, thought through furry meeting places like these in SL. =) Absolutly great work!