Sunday, September 15, 2013

Le New Yiff Room

Alright folks, while the voting was minimal at best, the "majority" of votes went to yes for a total resign of the Yiff Room. And that's we did!

We're proud to have to open up the Yiff Room again to this new and grander design. With this new design there is a lot more floor space and usable room in which we did take advantage of. The new building in itself is a lot bigger than our dome of love was allowing for us to pack in more features that we other wise just could not have in the old structure. We now have a kitchen, hot tub, more beds, more seating, and hopefully more yiffing.

While I did fall in love with the old building, I just didn't put too much thought into when it comes to what should be needed for a good yiff room. It was a fantastic building and a very spur the moment purchase for me, but just not conducive to the intent of this room. For those of you liked the old build, I hope you will come to like this one as much. 

Anyways, enjoy and happy yiffs.

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