Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Changes - Requests Update

Since my last post addressing some of the recent changes going in the lounge and requests I have been doing a lot of thinking about the requests and my comments made in regards to them. Mostly the ones directed at the request for more gay related items. While I have always tried to get beds/chairs/toys with gay options I started thinking that well yes I could do more than that! So I did.

While it's not much, I've nestled in a new building right between the dungeon and brothel that is pretty much everything gay. Inside the vast majority of toys are designed just for gay men, but some do still have the heterosexual standards as well as lesbian ... unfortunately there isn't much way around that. Anyway, if any you guys know of anything that could make it better just let us know!

Here is a peek inside:

The spa room has also received a make over while we've been running about making altercations to the lounge. It's way less cluttered a little more relaxing like a spa should be now.

Up Coming Plans

Pressing issues have still been prims. Which is why many of these changes has been going on: the change to the buildings across the street the lounge, spa room change, ect.. So Lina and I have our eyes on the Public Yiff Room. I know it was changed up not to long ago, but we feel like it wont disappoint and try to get it implemented as swiftly as possible to minimize it's down time.

Until then (most likely this weekend) <3's 

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