Sunday, March 16, 2014

Changes - Upcoming Changes - Requests

Alright fuzz butts out there, if you haven't seen it yet there has been quiet a few renovations going on around the lounge this weekend. While I have enjoyed the most recent remolding of the lounge one issue that had been bugging me was that it didn't quiet have that "alley" feel to it on which we where founded (It's in name right?). So the most noticeable and drastic of the changes is of course the complete revamp of the buildings across the street from the main lounge, closing in on the street a bit and just spiffing up the ground level our little lounge to represent that alley once more.

We have taken the row of four smaller rooms and threw them together into one larger open spaced warehouse building. Most of the toys present in the row of buildings are located in and around that building, but unfortunately a few didn't really transition well (frown). But! We've added quiet a few more new and some older past favorites. 

More changes along the street level of the lounge has come from one request that I was really not sure on how to give, but took an idea and ran with it. Someone wanted some more prostitution play, we've had the street lights out but for toys I've not been too sure what else would really work just for that. So, one answer has lead to the opening of the "Pussycat Ranch" next to the coffee shop. I've not seen that building really used all that much and I'll admit the decor of it was a little bland, well not any more. It's dressed up to be a mini brothel, complete with windows wide open for girls to sell their wears. One additional street light pole has been added by it's location as well.

Very minor work has been done to the dungeon, main lounge, game room, and expected to be done on the public yiff room. These changes are generally just item swaps, additions to some new toys, prim saving cuts.

Expected remodeling of the Spa Private Room is likely. I picked up a very nice sauna but to get it into the room I'm expecting pretty much a complete remodeling. When that time comes we will block off access to this room until completion.

Here are a just a few pics, but of course seeing them in person is better :)

Now that I have rambled on I'd like to just touch on a few requests that we have gotten. Lina and I are always open to suggestions and take each one to heart, sometimes we can deliver sometimes cant. 

Bathroom toys: Unfortunately these have been taken up with the recent changes simply because they didn't fit in with the new build, not that we don't want them. I'm brainstorming ways of squeezing in another restroom type thing but am unsure of how so don't really have an eta there. Also as far as adding more, there are not very many good watersports toys out there in my opinion are good. So we're probably stuck with that set.

Glory holes: I wish I could give you guys these, but none have really struck me as good or practical to put into place anywhere. They either have you playing with a NPC cock or have some bad animations ect .... I only want to bring the best and just haven't found anything yet.

More Gay Items: I'm trying my best too. The Lounge caters to all walks of life be it a gay, lesbian, straight, herm, whatever ya may be. So I need to find items that also cater to all these. When I go out looking for toys I try to get the ones that have gay/lesbian options with the standard M/F ones, but have and will get some more male/male.

More yiffing: Well that is up to you guys! I'm trying to make YAL one of the better fur hangouts and yiff areas but as the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water, but not make it drink it." I'm open to any suggestions on how to encourage getting people to stay, chat, and get freaky.

Anyways, <3's Tori
(pics will come once I get home)

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